JB Goals

Building an Inclusive Community
Open Participation
• Size of community;
• contribution coming from all over;
• free flow of information and ideas;
• spontaneous creativity;
Social Relations
• atmosphere of fun;
• people are close to each other;
• strong personal relations beyond the CISV context;
Shared decision-making
• Widespread participation in brainstorming and visioning;
• Sense of fairness in decision-making.
• Constant use of consensus

Developing our Organisation
•Active juniors are also involved in building CISV programmes and administration;
•Maintain a bridge between JB and the rest of the chapter/NA;
•JB contributing to a chapter that grows;
•JB challenges chapter/NA to develop;
•Age is not an issue.

Advancing Leadership
•leadership is approachable and communicative;
•Leadership changes regularly;
•Quality doesn’t suffer when leadership changes;
•Leadership is able to innovate in content and methods;
•Space for advancing leadership is not limited by structures;
•Everyone’s strengths are channelled towards a common goal.

Educating by Experience
•To promote activities that change people;
•JB activities are a source of successful recruitment;
•Participation with nationally or internationally defined themes;
•Chapter activities seen as being educationally valuable by CISV community;
•Engagement with local community;

Empowering to Reflect and Act
•Ideas are challenged constructively;
•Participants feel encouraged to act beyond CISV;
•Issues of your society are discussed within JB meetings or social activities;
•JBers come up with creative solutions for local, national or global issues;
•JB is interested in working with other organisations;
•Number of JB members that also work for other organisations.
•JB members, as individuals are agents of positive change towards a peaceful society


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